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Basic Fully Body Workout. This is the first option of composing your own workout. Just pick one exercise from each muscle group. Perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise. You can either go through all of the sets on one exercise, then move to another, or you can superset or circuit through them. Supersetting is performing two exercises back to back until the sets are complete. Circuiting is going through a few, or all of the lifts once, then going back through again or twice more. The exercises can be placed in any order that you like, just make sure you aren’t working the same muscles too close together or performing similar lifts too close together (i.e. shoulder press and incline bench press).

Most exercises may be performed with dumbbells, bars, machines, or cables. They may also be performed standing or seated on a bench or stability ball.

  • Shoulders:

Shoulder Press

Lateral Raise

Upright Row

  • Upper Back:

Bent Over Row

Seated Row

Bent Over Fly

  • Lats:

Lat Pulldown

Assisted or Bodyweight Pullup

Straight Arm Pressdown

  • Chest:

Bench Press


Pec Fly

  • Quads:


Leg Press


  • Hamstrings:

Straight Leg Deadlift

Hamstring Curl

Swiss Ball Leg Curl

  • Biceps:

Machine Curl

Dumbbell  Curl

  • Triceps:

Lying Extensions

Cable Pressdowns

  • Abs: (A medicine ball can be added to most for more of a challenge)


Reverse Crunch

Oblique Crunch



  • Lower Back:

Back Extension

Lying Opposite Arm/Leg raise