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Active Challenge: The active portion of the challenge will encourage you to move more throughout the day. It promotes a less sedentary lifestyle with small suggestions each day of how to be a little more physically active than you normally are 

Exercise Challenge: With a mix of cardiovascular and strength training challenges, this section will help you burn fat, build lean muscle tone, strengthen bones and joints, and have more energy. The challenges are progressive in nature, guiding you to working out regularly by the end of the 30 days. For help with the exercises, visit the cardiovascular and strength training pages. There you'll find pictures and descriptions of the exercises and guidelines for intensity while performing cardiovascular exercise.

Flexibility Challenge: Flexibility is an important part of an active lifestyle, as it helps lengthen and tone muscles while protecting you from injury. Stretching and yoga are both part of the challenges. Pictures and descriptions of the stretches are on the stretching page and the yoga poses are located on the mind/body page.

Nutrition Challenge: Each day includes a nutritional challenge that will help you make healthier eating choices. It is not a diet, it is just some tips on how to eat better to help you feel and look more healthy. Before starting the challenge, it would help to read the information on the healthy eating page. Use that as a guide and the challenges will help keep you on track.

Mind/Body Challenge: The mind/body challenges are designed to help you relax, reduce your stress, and feel better from the inside out. For more information, visit the mind/body page.